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We love wines and we love good stories.

There is a good story connected to every wine at La Fabrica wineshop and we love to tell these stories. We often do wine tastings in the shop and restaurant.

Our wine tastings done on a level for everyone to follow and learn from. We do winetasting at any level with an open mind for ours guests opinion – Do you like the wine? Is it a good wine?

We have a close relationship to the vast majority of our suppliers and wine makers. Some are old friends, others are new acquaintances, they all carry a passion in their hearts for their products .

Every year we travel with a handful of our waiters and visit the winemakers. This is how we get the feeling of being a part of something bigger - The Love of Food and Wine.

For a wine tasting to suit your particular needs - send ud an email on butik@lafabrica.dk or info@lafabrica.dk