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Wine tasting

We love wines and we love good stories.

There is a good story behind every wine at Husted Vin’s producers and we love to tell the stories. We often have wine tastings, and the best way of doing
that is in our restaurant.

Our wine tastings are on a level where everyone can follow and learn, we focus of the simplicity towards our guests – Do you like the wine? Is it a good wine?

We have a close relationship to vast majority of our producers and wine makers. Some are good old friends, whilst others are new acquaintances, they all have the passion in their heart for the production.

Every year we travel with a handful of our waiters and visit our wine makers. Exactly here is where we get the feeling of being a part of something bigger - The love of food and wine.

For wine tasting contact us, for the right and the whole experience that suits you.

Write an email to: info@lafabrica.dk