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Welcome to Spanish chaos and intensive coziness

What is La Fabrica?

In the early days, this was the home of Madam Blå Factory (blue enamel kitchenware), and now the place has been transformed into an oasis of wine, food & Spanish inspired culture

La Fabrica is everything, from a restaurant to a wine bar and wine shop. With more then 300m2, divided into a big open kitchen, a dining area, a bar and a wine shop.

Wine Shop

The Wine Shop occupies the room at the far end in La Fabrica

We have put a lot of effort into the import of a lot of delicious stuff from around the world. We have close relationships with the vast majority of our suppliers and winemakers. This proximity is signified by a mutual understanding and love of food and wine.

The vast majority of winemakers works with a lot of love and understanding for the surrounding nature.

In our shop you will find our 150 carefully selected wines. Most of the wines are organic, biodynamic or natural.

In the wineshop you can find Mediterranean delicacies. We import our hams, sausages, cheeses, canned seafoods, coffee, olive oil and a lot of other items.

Wineshop's cycle

09:00 – 17:00

Breakfast centered around the community table, where freshly baked bread, homemade marmalade and butter is all yours for DKK 28 per person.

Here you will eat with others who have found their way into the shop.

Coffee, egg, cheeses, sausages, croissants and more, can be bought as side orders.

09:00 – 02:00

The wine shop can easily accommodate small parties, where you can immerse with wine and each other.  

The shop is open until the whole restaurant closes.

You can also buy our wines in the web-shop: www.hustedvin.dk