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Welcome to Spanish chaos and intensive coziness

What is La Fabrica?

In the early days, was this the home of Madam Blå Factory (blue enamel kitchen clothes), and now the place has been transformed into an oasis of wine, food & Spanish inspired culture

La Fabrica is everything, from a restaurant, to a wine bar, and a wine store. With over 300m2, divided with a big open kitchen, a dining area, a bar, and a wine store.

Our motto is wine, Dine & Repeat

Nothing to do with a white dew and a three-course menu,  - we will eat, drink, eat again, drink some more, and continue until we are fully satisfied.

The restaurant

With a lot of tables in different sizes, there is room to hold hands, an evening with friends or a small party. Surrounded with wine, delicacies and groceries and few green plants as well as olive trees, it’s like being a part of an oasis far from home.

The Kitchen

We are following Spanish values, traditions, flavors and techniques.

We use the best local ingredients and our own import from Spain.

We put great emphasis that the food is shareable and high quality.