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Looking for a job

If you feel like being a part of our family, that has put wines and wine bars in focus since 1997, then send us an email at job@lofnw.dk

Why apply?

We take great honor to have some nice wine bars/restaurants. We choose most of our products ourselves, from coffee & coffee cups, to cheese, ham and all the wonderful wine.

You are a part of the choosing, we have our wine tastings, we go to wine fairs both in and out of the country, and every place have their wine trips once a year. This is where we visit our wine makers, and try to find a lot of new stuff.

We are putting a lot of effort to become the best within the service industry and wine knowledge. We have our wine schools, where we taste our wines and tell tales.

We are 150 employees, a big family, and there is also a spot for you. If this is something for you, then write me an email on job@lofnw.dk

All the best